I grew up in Los Angeles, and was lucky to be born into a family of spiritual, loving, and creative people. Making magic was always something I found appealing. This interest led me into the arts initially (I hold a bachelor’s degree from CalArts), and from there, into the esoteric healing arts as a way to address my own concerns and find greater ease in my life. Now I share the benefits I've found using these practices with others. I am passionate about health on all levels and supporting you to have a healthy relationship with the challenges you are faced with. As Serina Moon, I provide light in the darkness, and I help you balance your life in the same way that the gravitational pull of the moon stabilizes the Earth’s rotation. I utilize tarot, astrology, guided meditation, and Reiki, as well as other methods, to help give you what you are seeking, whether that be guidance, insight, understanding, serenity, empowerment, strategy, inspiration, connection, or healing. Each session is therapeutic, unique, and in service of the highest good.




$40—1 Hour

This is a terrific process for reflecting on the big picture of your life and finding guidance. I begin this reading by meditating on your highest good and then drawing cards for you. I will tell you my interpretation of each card and placement, and we will discuss its meaning for you personally. This is a conversational, collaborative reading.


$40—1 Hour

We will use my interpretations of the planetary alignments at the time of your birth to discuss possible tendencies in different areas of your life.* This is a conversational reading, and I rely on your input as we go to help me tailor my interpretations to you. The process can feel validating and clarifying, it can help promote self-understanding/compassion as well as inspire growth.

*When booking a reading, please provide me with the date, time, and location or your birth.


$35—1 Hour

Here I will create a customized healing session tailored to your needs of the day. The session may include guided mindfulness, visualization, affirmations, chakra awareness, and distance Reiki energy healing. If you have crystals, we can incorporate them into the meditation as well. This session is wonderful for harmonizing your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies and bringing greater peace into your life.



Serina has patient energy and will allow you to take the reins as she guides you through the Tarot session. She is comprehensive in her approach of the analysis and can tailor the experience to whatever questions you may have at the time. I left feeling validated in my decisions with a reaffirmation of my path.

Eshaana Sheth—Filmmaker, Writer, Actress

Serina Moon's Reiki session left me feeling relaxed and also invigorated after experiencing a poor nights sleep the night before. While she worked on me, I could feel myself drift into a deep place of rest, which is hard for me to achieve on my own. Afterwards I felt more energized and calm. Serina is meditative, playful and respectful. Her presence is unobtrusive and will put you at ease. I recommend her!

Isabel Becker—Writer

Serina’s Tarot readings are impactful and illuminating. Her mastery of the archetypes is supported by her keen intuition. Even when presented with unsettling messages, Serina creates a safe space for deeper truths to emerge. Her wisdom continues to echo long after the session, spurring integration of the material brought forward by the cards.

Ivy Joeva—Fertility Coach, Doula

I had a lovely meeting with Serina. We met at a noisy cafe; she had the good sense to suggest we walk to the beach. Sitting in the sand, we touched on a range of issues surrounding relationships—attraction, sanity, trust—and then delved into how my natal chart reflected these and other strengths and challenges. Although I had little training (or belief) in astrology, I found the session enlightening and fun, a gentle confirmation of some things I know with a peek into a system as complex as the cosmos. For a relaxed, supportive reading, I recommend Serina.

Ron Alcalay—CEO Vital Hemp 



Contact me here to schedule a session, or if you have any questions! 


Currently, all of my sessions are being held virtually via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. I am based in Los Angeles, CA, PST.


Please send payment to @Serina-Moon on Venmo. If you are outside of the U.S., I will send you a PayPal request that includes the transaction fees.

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