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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

With a penumbral lunar eclipse, the Earth is obscuring the Sun’s direct projection of light onto what would otherwise be a fully illuminated moon. What this can mean is that we are called to look at our inner world represented by the moon, specifically our repressed emotions, our inner most needs, and our unconscious motivations, however our vision is not fully clear yet as the moon’s full shine is obscured. You may find yourself wondering about yourself and others and being curious about what needs are motivating each of us.

The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius involved in this full moon are signs that are oriented around the mind. Gemini representing circulation of thoughts and communication about information, and Sagittarius representing beliefs and opinions created from expanding upon, differentiating and investing in said information. The logical mind concerned with collecting and sharing information and processing facts is illuminated with the sun in Gemini, this is where our consciousness is, but the motivations and emotions behind our beliefs and opinions may not be as conscious, represented by the eclipsed moon in Sagittarius opposing the sun.

This lunar eclipse is a time for recognizing non-judgmentally, the unconscious factors at play in ourselves and others. Specifically, around the unconscious psychological origin of our beliefs and opinions, and their unconscious expression. This full moon is the beginning of a greater understanding in this area. The beliefs and opinions of Sagittarius are colored by the moon's symbolism. And so, the beliefs considered here are those which are changeable, and stem from emotion and inner need. Reflect on your various expressions of opinion and belief recently, and ask yourself, where was this expression really coming from? What was the emotion and need present?

There has been a lot of pain experienced recently portrayed by the following close aspects: Sun square Mars, Mercury square Chiron and the Sun conjunct Venus retrograde. There have been expressions of anger that challenged egos, communication that stung, and awareness of the pain in our hearts. Now that these aspects are separating and our inner world is partially illuminated by the moon, we have a chance to feel and reflect to the extent that we are able to.

This eclipse is occurring as Pluto retrograde approaches closer and closer conjunction with Jupiter retrograde, due to be exact at the end of the month. We are, and have been, stretched by this approaching conjunction into a potentially transformative process. Pluto representing transformation and Jupiter representing ideals and ethics. Our ability to transform personally as well as collectively is dependent upon how we integrate the experience of recent events and if we are able to expand our consciousness in response to them. The journey of expanding our consciousness has many facets, and that which is symbolized in this lunar eclipse is an important part of the equation.

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